4 Reasons to Choose Cupcakes for Weddings

Cupcakes are minimized versions of cakes that are easy to consume and is smart to look at. It is not messy unlike the large ones and thus is something preferred by most people. Children are very fond of them as they are available in varied flavors and thus letting them choose the one they like. The presence of it is also a common sight at weddings especially when there are a large number of guests attending the wedding. A wedding cake is the main attraction of a wedding but at times it isn’t possible to share it with each and every guest that is present at the event and so most couples opt for cupcakes being shared amongst the guests. There are varied advantages to having them presented at weddings that would please everyone while serving the purpose.

• Effortless transportation – If it is a large wedding cake, bakeries transport them in tiers, and there are chances of it getting melted or dislocated while it reaches the venue. Cupcakes, on the other hand, are easy to transport as they are miniature sized blocks that can be boxed well and decorated after it reaches the venue. It is also priced lesser than a large wedding dessert.

• Easy to serve – The couple can opt to cut a small wedding dessert to celebrate their new life and serve assorted cupcakes to the guests. When there are a large number of guests present at the wedding, they may not get their share of the dessert and relish it. Thus picking a piece of their choice from what is being served to them is easy to serve, consume and it is not messy.

• Varied flavors – A wedding pastry usually consists of a single flavor chosen by the couple, and it may not match the choice of the guests. Most couples while arranging for mini desserts to serve their guests like to bring out assortments where the guests can choose the baked dessert that they like and enjoy themselves. It may also have varied designs that could be traditional or modern depending on the couple’s choice or the theme of the wedding.

• Individually decorated cakes for all – There have been several instances where people haven’t received a good piece of the wedding dessert. The piece may simply have the cream and no trace of the dessert. To let everyone have an individually designed mini cake would make people happy and leaving them feeling content.